Gelatine Granules


250g and 500g
  • It reduces inflammation and repairs torn cartilage
  • Due to high levels of the amino acid proline, acne, and connective tissue both experience repair, produce collagen, and generally improve skin texture – it’s a beauty treatment in a tub.
  • Have you heard of leaky gut? This is one magnificent way to start to heal leaky gut syndrome.
  • Amazingly, it is fabulous for reducing gastroesophageal reflux too, it calms heartburn, ulcers, and reflux by binding the gut acids to the food.
  • The anti-inflammatory nature of gelatin is perfect for those with auto-immune diseases
  • It is said to improve memory due to the high glycine levels which also calm anxiety, modulate brain neurotransmitters so the nervous system is calmed, and glycine is excellent at clearing toxins from the liver.
  • Helps prevent constipation.
  • Are you an athlete who wants to bulk up safely – gelatin helps to build muscle. There’s no magic bullet, but as it’s a source of pure protein, it’s a great bulking aid.
  • One tablespoon of dried powdered gelatin has 23 calories and 6g of protein.  Perfect for adding to your smoothie as a protein source, as it’s totally tasteless.

This gelatin is bovine in origin and of a superior quality.


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250g, 500g


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