I believe everyone should wear yellow. Strong women should wear yellow. Happy women should wear yellow. Positive women should wear yellow. Who-ever is in the mood to wear yellow, should wear it! We all need something to boost our inner confidence. It can be the famous red handbag, your secret pair of leopard print shoes or your it-still-has-the-tag-on yellow shirt. Whatever it is, go get it out the bag, take of the tag, and wear it A.S.A.P!

You are designed to be the flame in dark spaces. So go, get your fire started. I bet you, the depressed friend will light up inside when you wear your yellow outfit for your coffee date (even if it is, because you look so ridiculous in yellow). So go ahead, shine bright. Put shine in your walk, in your talk and in the way you dress.

I am a strong believer that you should be the owner of your inner confidence, no one else. You have to do whatever it takes to dig up yours. Dig deep and don’t give up. You are an ever-flowing fountain that can and will never dry up. It is impossible, so travel into your soul and go see what awaits you in your secret garden.

When you dress to invite confidence, your own will show up.

When you dress to invite happiness, your own will show up.

When you dress to invite success, your own will show up.


All my love