Our mission at Alive and Balanced is to help you make movement easy, effective, and uncomplicated.

That is why we created Poop Therapy.

We are not specialists in nutrition or diets, but we do love to educate and be educated with quality information. The purpose of this blog post is to create awareness and inspire you to include movement in your day to relieve constipation.

The credit for the content below goes to our friends at PrecisionNutrition.com.

If you just feel “meh”. If your workouts are a slog, meals leave you feeling undernourished or overfull, and your fat-loss and/or muscle building goals just…aren’t…happening. Then it’s time to take a good look at your bowel movements. “Problem poo” could signal underlying health issues that result in feeling lousy or even trigger a downward spiral of ailments.

Your bowel movements can signal that you are doing great or it can be a clue that you need to address certain areas of your health even before any symptoms arise. See your poop as a messenger between your body and yourself.

Great poo?

Great life!

6 reasons it’s important to decipher your doo-doo:

Sub-optimal poo can indicate nutrition and lifestyle issues that could get worse if not addressed. 

Your poop will tell you:

If your gut health is functioning properly or not.

How to fix it:
Increase your consumption of whole, minimally processed foods.
Eat slowly and mindfully.
Improve your sleeping habits.

If your microbiome is off-balanced or healthy (happens easily when you travel).

How to fix it:
Eat a wider range of fresh, whole, and minimally processed foods.
Grow a garden or spend time on a farm where diverse bacteria flourish.
Consume pre-biotics.
Consume probiotics.

If your current eating and exercise habits are working for you or not

How to fix it:
Keep a food diary.
Consider an elimination diet.

If you are dehydrated or not.

How to fix it:
Drink more water, balance your workout regimen.
Relieve stress.
Increase water-rich foods.

If you are stressed or relaxed (sometimes we don’t even know that).

How to fix it:
Poop Therapy.
Walk outside.
Moderate sun exposure.
Low-key music.
Deep breathing.
Snuggling with a loved one.

If your fitness and movement habits are working for you or not.

How to fix it:
Find ways to move your body that you truly enjoy.
If you suspect that you are over-training, keep a workout journal for a few weeks.


1. Any colour other than brown, unless it’s the hue of your last meal.
2. Extremely foul smell.
3. Going too frequently or infrequently (1-3 times a day is the ideal).
4. Bowel movements that require huge effort and lots of time.


Get into the habit of stimulating your digestive system and checking your poo quality on a daily basis so that you can address issues quickly.

Do you feel like you need relief from pain, discomfort, and a “stuffed” feeling around your belly?

If yes, read on!

If your stomach sometimes look bigger than you know it actually is, if it looks swollen after eating and you feel gassy constantly then you might be struggling with some sort of digestive issue.

Although bloating or constipation is sometimes caused by serious medical conditions (which you should DEFINITELY look into), it is most often caused by your diet and some foods or ingredients you are not eating (or eating too much).

a solution



R150 per box.

Includes three super-food products with step by step instructions to ease and lubricate your elimination. No more pushing without any success. 

a solution



This is a 20-minute movement session to wake-up and stimulate your digestive system. If you are constipated, bloated or not eliminating regularly, then book for these sessions. We guarantee relief!